Aug 19 2010

How to claim your Car Insurance?

This time of economic crisis people will always be considered at an affordable price when choosing car insurance. This is always the first thing on the internet when trying to compare thousands of auto insurance available. The question is, is a soft one thing to consider when buying car insurance? The answer is a big NO! It is always better if you know the car insurance, car insurance and how it works when you want to use it. It is normal to be affected by the amount you pay, as this will affect your budget, but you know the steps to claim your car insurance in case of accident or theft? Each year car insurance companies process thousands of claims from people whose cars were damaged due to an accident or a car lost due to theft. Car insurance companies spend millions of dollars for these people. Let us face it. Opposition to your car insurance will take time and can be stressful. Knowledge is truly the instructions on how to make your life easier when the requirement to auto insurance. The first step is to immediately notify your auto insurance in a car accident. You can use the emergency number 24 hours to reach the right person to ask for help. Secondly, if the request is a criminal offense relating to theft of such damage and vandalism, notify the police. When an accident report, you get a case number. Car insurance calls it, when the file is a requirement. Third, write all the cases related to the accident. You will need the notes you make a written request. Fourth, be honest to your needs. Do not change the version of the event. It should be accurate and consistent to prevent the suspect in auto insurance review your application. Fifth, take all the information using your auto insurance and documents necessary for your application. Do not be afraid to ask questions. It is essential to obtain all the necessary documents to back up your argument. Sixth, keep your insurance documents in one safe and accessible. Do not lose your documents. Also make sure to enter your phone number so you can take if your auto insurance needs contact you. Seventh, keep copies of communications allowance. It may be a letter, email or telephone. Always get the name of the person who spoke. In the eighth, before explaining further about the repairs of your car, first make a complete verification of the status of your claim. Make sure that auto insurance covers repairs or if you have to shell the money of your own pockets. Finally, when you bring your automobile for repairs ensure that the auto repair shop is recognized by your car insurance company. If you take a car to the repair shop, which has no connection with your auto insurance company, it is possible that the repair costs are not covered. Claiming the car insurance can be traumatic and cannot be a pleasurable experience. Yet by following the above steps can make the process smooth and simple.